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I am Abhijit Phadke, a blogger and a badminton lover, from the city of Navi Mumbai in India, and I warmly welcome you to MyBadmintonBook blog.

Why this blog?

As you may be aware, the most popular sport in India is undoubtedly Cricket, and to such an extent that the word Sport itself has become synonymous with it. With so much of demand, it is not really surprising that much of the mainstream media such as the newspapers and television channels provide their maximum coverage to cricket, with the left-over space being allocated for some news about all the other sports.

However there are still many like me in India, who also love the so-called 'Other Sports' such as badminton, and it is for the benefit of such people that I started this blog through which Badminton News as well as Articles and Interviews with Players could be shared.

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I would like to hear from you, and get in touch with more fellow badminton players and fans.

Also I must mention, that while I try to give as accurate information as possible, it may be possible that I may have made some mistakes and mentioned something which may be incorrect. If you feel that any information needs correcting/changing, or in case you find anything objectionable, please do send me an email with the details, and I will review and make the necessary changes that are required.

Any inputs about how this blog can be made better are also quite welcome.
You can contact me by sending an email. My email address is: pabhi5 [at] gmail [dot] com

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