Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to choose a badminton racket


How to choose a badminton racket is a question that is most frequently asked by players who have started to play badminton and are keen on improving their game and taking it to the next level.

There are so many types of badminton rackets that you can select from, that are manufactured by top brands that it is quite confusing for most badminton players to make a detailed comparison and choose a badminton racket. The most common solution opted for is to ask senior players about which is the best badminton racket.

However though experienced players can be of help, not all players agree on which is the best badminton racket, mainly because the different badminton players have differing playing styles, and not everyone is of the same playing strength. Hence opinions about which is the best badminton racket differs greatly, amongst players of all levels.

The fact is not all badminton rackets are suited for all types of players. And the only way to really choose the best badminton racket that suits you is to try out different rackets to find the best one for you.

Here are few hints that can help you to select badminton rackets:

The badminton racket that you choose should be of the standard specifications, so that is is acceptable in official matches and professional play. The standard specifications of a badminton racket are that the total length of the badminton racket should not exceed 680mm and its width (the width of the head) should not exceed 230 mm. Also the weight should not exceed more than 100 gms. Generally branded badminton rackets that are sold by reputable brands meet the standard specifications.

If you are in the beginner category, then it can be wiser not to buy a very costly racket initially. As your game improves, you will be able to better understand what choice of badminton racket you require based on your style of play. A very basic badminton racket, which is neither too heavy nor too light can be good to start with for a beginner. The weight of the badminton racket is indicated as 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U by most brands. The heaviest is 1U while the lightest is 4U.

Alongwith the choosing the right racket you should also ensure that you opt for a grip size that makes you feel comfortable while holding the badminton racket in your hands. Many players who have attacking styles and like to smash usually prefer larger grips so that they can grip the racket tighter, whereas many deceptive players who like to rally and play drop shots, like smaller grips so that they can turn the racket easily in their hands.
Also Stiffer badminton rackets give more power, but reduce control. On the other hand rackets having more flexible shafts give better control, but with reduced power.

Alongwith selecting a badminton racket of your choice, you can also get a head-cover or even a badminton bag for storing your racket safely when it is not being used for playing.

Last but not the least, your choice of badminton racket should be based on what suits your style of play, rather than what other players use. Because Saina Nehwal plays with the ArcSaber 7, does not necessarily mean that the ArcSaber 7 is the best racket for you. Or because Lin Dan plays with the Li Ning Lin Dan Woods N90 badminton racket does not necessarily mean that its the right choice for you.

This brings to me memories of that scene in the Harry Potter movie, where Harry goes to purchase his first wand at Ollivanders-the wand shop. The store-keeper who is a very experienced wand-maker shows him a few wands, and asks him to try them, before ultimately deciding on the best wand for him. The wand chooses its master, he says.

As with wands, so with badminton rackets. It is better to try out several badminton rackets before making a choice. With time and more experience, you will find those perfect badminton rackets that suit you.

As a parting thought, Buy a badminton racket that suits you, and one which you are comfortable playing with.

You can read more information about Badminton Rackets such as Weight, Grip Sizes, Stiffness and Flex here, alongwith a list of some of the famous badminton racket brands.



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