Saturday, July 9, 2011

Badminton Fitness

Badminton is the world's fastest racket sport, and hence badminton players who wish to excel and compete at the top levels, need to have excellent agility, stamina, strength and fitness.

Aspiring badminton players should hence not only focus on their footwork and skills, but also equally important is that they should be aware of their body and its requirements. They should eat a healthy fitness diet, work out regularly at fitness centers such as a gym or a fitness club, and use the right fitness equipment so that they can continuosly improve their fitness levels.

A badminton players requirements are not the same as those in other sports. They need not be very muscular like boxers or 100m sprinters, or should not be too heavy like weight-lifters, or should not be too light weight and wiry like the long distance runners.

The fitness requirements of badminton players are so very unique. They need to have the right combination of a sprinter's strength and a long-distance runner's stamina, so that they can play their power smashes, run fast around the court and last for the full duration of the match.
Keeping this in mind players should choose their fitness regimen accordingly and work hard under the guidance of a good fitness coach. Badminton in itself is also a great way for most people to work out and stay fit and healthy.


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