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Badminton Net

A Badminton Net divides the badminton court into 2 equal halves. Opponents playing the badminton game take their places on either side of this badminton net, and the objective is to hit the badminton shuttle over this net to the opponents side of the court in such a way that the opponent cannot return it, and it falls to the ground.

Beyond the badminton net
 How high is the Badminton Net?
The Badminton net is supposed to he 5 feet & 1 inch high on the edges (from the ground) & should have 5 feet height in the center of the badminton court. The net is held in place extending it over net posts (net poles) on either side of the court. The chair umpire who is governing the badminton match takes his/her place near one of these net posts.

What are the proper dimensions or size of the badminton net, what should be the width (depth) of the net?
The badminton net dimensions / size should be such that the net should be of 2 feet & 6 inches wide (depth), should stretch across to each side of the badminton court & the top edge should be 5 feet above the ground level at the center of the court.

How are badminton nets made?
Badminton nets are made by using various materials, such as nylon, polyethylene, and vinyl. The materials used to make these nets have changed over time, and will no doubt keep on changing as technological innovations allow for more efficient solutions.

Color of the Net Fibres
The fibres whether natural or artificial that are used for making the net, should be of dark color, to provide for better visibility, and they should be of even thickness, in the range of 15mm to 20mm.

Net tape
The nets are lined with a white tape on the upper side, that has a cord or cable within it, so that the net can be stretched over each of the net posts on either side of the badminton court.

If you are looking to buy a badminton net, it would be wise to consider various aspects such as the durability, and the strength of the net, in comparison with the cost.

The Net Posts / Net Poles
The net posts or net poles as they are called are generally made of good quality steel that make it durable in all kinds of weather, and offer stability to the structure. These posts vary depending on whether the intended use is indoors as in the professional badminton circuits or for external use. The outdoor one should be of the type which can be portable & easily wheeled from here to there, while the indoor net post can be plugged into the wooden floor using proper net post accessories.

Badminton Net Specifications

How tall is the Badminton Net?
Height of the net at the center of the badminton court
5 feet (1.524 metres)
Height of the net at the extreme ends of the court (over the sidelines for doubles)
5 feet 1 inch (1.55 metres)

Badminton Net and Posts - Size/Dimensions/Measurements
Depth of the badminton net
2 feet 6 inches (760 mm in depth)
Length/Width of the badminton net
At least 6.1 metres wide so that it extends over the entire court completely.
Badminton net thickness of mesh/net
15 mm to 20 mm (should be uniform throughout)
Colour of the cords (mesh) of the net
Dark colour
Upper Edge/Lining of the net
75 mm white tape

Badminton Posts (Poles) Height
Should stand at 1.55 metres in vertical length when the net is stretched over the posts (poles)



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