Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sr.Ranking badminton at Atul- updates

Here are the results of the Qualification rounds of the Senior Ranking badminton tournament being held from 31st Jan to 4th Feb at Atul in Gujarat.

Mens Singles Qualifying rounds results:

Tough competition marked the qualifying rounds of the Senior ranking tournament being held at Atul in Gujarat India. This was especially so in the Mens Singles event where the participant size for qualifiers was 128>8 which meant there were only 8 players who could get a place in the main draw. To be precise, a total of 103 players were playing to get a berth in the main event of the mens singles.

The final 8 men who found their way through this maze & got into the main draw were:

1. Akshay Dewalkar (who is more well known for his doubles skills)
2. Pawan Malik
3. Saarang Lakhanee
4. C Rohit Yadav
5. Subhankar Dey (who prevailed over Aditya Elango in 3 sets)
6. Ankush Joshi
7. Manish Gupta
8. Oscar Bansal (who is one of the better ranked players in world rankings)

Womens Singles Qualifying rounds results:

Compared to the mens singles, the womens singles were comparatively a much simpler affair with very less participants and hence lesser competition. The field size was 16>8 with 12 players competing for 8 available slots in the main draw.

The final 8 girls who qualified for the main draw were:
1. Jui Agaskar
2. N.Sikki Reddy
3. V.Jyothi Swarupa
4. S.Archana
5. Girishma Anand
6. Shambhavi Bajaj
7. Rucha Nikam
8. Swati Joon

Mens Doubles qualifying rounds results:

The field size was 64>4, and the final 4 pairs who made it to the main draw were:

1. H.S.Prannoy & B.Sumeeth Reddy
2. Abhindya Sawant & Prasad Shetty
3. Antony Joy T. & Thomas Kurian
4. Arup Baidya & Sachin Ratti

The Womens doubles & Mixed doubles events did not have any qualifying rounds.

Reference: tournamentsoftware.com

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