Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sushant ChipalKatti Memorial-2011

The SUSHANT CHIPALKATTI MEMORIAL INDIA JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP-2011 is currently underway at the P. E. Society’s Modern PDMBA Sports Complex, in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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If you are going to be in Pune this weekend, and want to watch the country's best junior badminton players (the future Nehwals, and Gopichands, and Padukones) in action, this is the place to be at:

P. E. Society’s Modern PDMBA Sports Complex
Off Jangli Maharaj Road,
Shivajinagar, Pune 411005

The Sushant Chipalkatti Memorial (SCM) badminton tournament is being conducted since 1998 in the memory of the late Sushant Chipalkatti, who was a 3 times National badminton champion, and who passed away unexpectedly in a tragic train accident in 1996.

12 National level editions of the Sushant Chipalkatti Memorial tourrnament have earlier been played, and now the tournament has received a boost, after it has been accorded International status, thus making it an junior international badminton championship.

The Badminton events that are being played are:

Boys Singles under-19
Girls Singles under-19
Boys Doubles under-19
Girls Doubles under-19

Several foreign players from neighbouring Asian countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia are participating in this tournament.

The final list of participants for this years tournament are as below

[IND] A, Naresh
[INA] Adwitya, Gesstano Ganendra
[IND] Aggarwal, Harshit 
[MAS] Ai Wei Jian
[NEP] Ansari, Irfan
[IND] Arora, Ankit 
[IND] Arora, Nitish Kumar   
[IND] B, Venkatesh
[IND] Bajaj, Shambhavi  
[IND] C., Rohit Yadav
[IND] Ch, Poornima
[IND] Chahal, Ketan 
[IND] Chaitanya, K.P.
[IND] Chaitanya Reddy, K  
[IND] D, Sudha Kalyani
[IND] Das Gupta, Sanchali
[IND] Dbs, Chandu 
[IND] Deosthale, Rewati
[IND] Dey, Shubhankar  
[IND] G, Gopiraju
[IND] G, Ruthvika Shivani
[IND] Gaurav, Sidharth 
[IND] Ghate, Gauri   
[INA] Hadmadi, Fikri Ihsandi   
[MAS] Ikmal Hussain Bin Jaafa
[IND] Imam, Insha  
[IND] J V, Samhitha
[IND] Jacob, Daya Elsa
[IND] Jaiswal, Shreyansh 
[IND] Jha,  Chandrajit
[IND] Jokom, Ribya
[IND] Joshi, Pratul 
[IND] K, Maneesha
[IND] K, Sriteja
[IND] K, Vijetha 
[IND] K., Srikanth
[IND] Karani, Krupali
[INA] Kartika, Amelia Sonia 
[IND] Katre, Lalita
[IND] Kumar, Deeraj  
[IND] Laa, Talar
[IND] Lad, Tanvi
[IND] Limaye, Kalyani 
[IND] M, Sai Tanuj
[IND] M, Venu Madhav
[BAN] Md., Asif Hassan 
[BAN] Md., Mahmuduzzaman
[BAN] Md., Rezaul Karim
[IND] Medsikar, Sudhanshu 
[BAN] Mohammad, Arif Hossain
[IND] Mudaliar, Pooja  
[IND] N V S, Vijetha
[IND] Nag, Trinankur  
[IND] O, Prahas Reddy   
[IND] P Kanthi, Visalakshi
[IND] P.V., Sindhu
[IND] Pillai, Riya 
[IND] Prabhudesai, Anura
[IND] Prakash, Priya  
[IND] Rao, Gangadhar
[IND] Rathee, Surender
[IND] Ravuri, Santosh 
[INA] Riodingin, Rusydina Antardayu   
[IND] S R, Poorvisha
[IND] Safi, Akram
[IND] Sarode, Varun 
[IND] Saxena, Prateek
[IND] Sharma, Shivam
[IND] Singh, Kawaldeep 
[IND] Singh, Rupinder
[IND] Sunil, Arathi Sara  
[IND] T Hema, Nagendra Babu
[NEP] Tamang, Ratnajit
[IND] Thakkar, Anurag 
[IND] Ujjwal, Prakash   
[IND] Verma, Sameer   
[IND] Wadkar, Karishma   
[IND] Yeligar, Abhishek


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