Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thailand Open-2011-Smiling Fish International

While the India Open-2011 Superseries event was being held in New Delhi in India, an international series badminton tournament was held at Trang in Thailand, the Smiling Fish international series tournament on the same dates, from 26th Apr to 1st May-2011.

Thailand were home with both the Gold and Silver medals in the women's doubles section, and except the women's singles event, reached at least the semi-finals of all the other events played.

Winners  at the Smiling Fish International series badminton tournament were:

Men's Singles
1 [SIN] Yong Zhao Ashton CHEN [2]
2 [THA] Parinyawat THONGNUAM
3/4 [SIN] Zi Liang Derek WONG [1]
3/4 [MAS] Fang Yang LIM [11]

Men's Doubles1 [MAS] Nelson Wei Keat HEG [4] /[MAS] Ee Yi TEO
2 [INA] Hendra Setyo NUGRORHO [8] /[INA] Tri Kusuma WARDHANA
3/4 [THA] Bodinth ISSARA /[THA] Pisit POODCHALAT
3/4 [INA] Andhika ANHAR [7] /[INA] I Komang Sandy WIJAYA

Women's Singles 1 [JPN] Yuka KUSUNOSE
2 [JPN] Emi MOUE
3/4 [MAS] Evelyn Yi Lyn CHEE [8]
3/4 [MAS] Sonia Su Ya CHEAH [5]

Women's Doubles
1 [THA] Chayanit CHALARDCHALEAM /[THA] Pattharaporn JINDAPOL
2 [THA] Narissapat LAM /[THA] Maetanee PHATTANAPHITOON
3/4 [MAS] Mei Kuan CHOW [2] /[MAS] Meng Yean LEE

Mixed Doubles 1 [MAS] Aik Quan TAN [4] /[MAS] Pei Jing LAI
2 [INA] Andhika ANHAR /[INA] Kesya Nurvita HANADIA
3/4 [THA] Wanwat AMPANSUWAN [3] /[THA] Chonthicha KITITHARAKUL


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