Monday, June 27, 2011

Badminton Net Height

How high is the badminton net in badminton is a very frequently asked question, by those who are new to badminton, or those who want exact specifications of the width and height of the badminton net.

This article aims to clearly describe the complete specifications of a badminton net, as described by standard badminton regulations and as used in professional play.

Badminton Net Specifications:

The standard Badminton Net Height is 5 feet (1.524 metres) when measured from the ground level at the center of the badminton court:

The Badminton Net Height should be 5 feet 1 inch (1.55 metres) when measured from the ground level at the extreme ends of the badminton court (In doubles play, the extreme ends mean over the sidelines).

The height of the badminton net posts (i.e. the net poles) which are fixed at the extreme ends on the outside of the badminton court should be 1.55 metres vertical length. (This vertical height should be checked when the net is stretched over both the posts/poles)

The depth of the badminton net when measured from the top of the net to the bottom of the net should be 2 feet 6 inches (760 mm in depth)

The width or length of the badminton net should be such that it extends from one end of the badminton court to the other end, meaning it should be at least 6.1 metres wide.

The thickness of the mesh/cords of the badminton net should be uniform all across the net and should be in the range of 15 mm to 20 mm thickness. The mesh/cords should be of dark colour for better visibility. The upper edge of the badminton net should be lined by 75mm white tape.

All these specifications such as badminton net height and width etc. are defined and regulated by the BWF (Badminton World Federation) which governs the sport of badminton.



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  2. Is the height of the net from the ground to the tip or the bottom of the net?