Sunday, March 27, 2011

Badminton Books

Looking for books on Badminton?

There are literally hundreds of good & not-so-good books that have been written on the subject of badminton. Some of these badminton books have been written by eminent players & coaches who have a lot of experience to back up their words.

However not every badminton book will suit your requirements. If you are looking to buy a book on the subject start with analyzing your requirement. Whom do you want to buy it for? What is the current level of play of the person who will be reading the book? Are you looking for elementary rules, badminton basics, footwork, drills, deceptive shots, record-books or something else?

You are the best judge to decide what you really want.
Listing below a few books readily available for purchase from

With Amazon you not only get to view product reviews from people who have purchased the book, but it also gives a really nice option to flip through the book online to make your decision easier. Do use this option to read some of the contents of the book and see if this is exactly what you are looking for.

Badminton: Steps to Success - 2nd Edition (Paperback Book)    Badminton for Fun!   Badminton (Know the Game)     Skills, Drills and Strategies for Badminton (The Teach, Coach, Play Series)

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