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Badminton Set


Here's yet another useful article related to Badminton Equipment, and this time round, we are going to have a look at how to choose a proper badminton set that's just right for you.

What should be included in the Badminton Set?

Here's list of the badminton equipment that is included in many of the badminton sets:

1. Badminton Rackets (At least 2 rackets, if not 4)

If you are looking for playing singles with a partner, getting a badminton set of 2 rackets should be good enough, and you can always purchase extra rackets separately in case you need them later.

On the other hand, if you intend to buy the set and use it for doubles play, then getting a 4 racket badminton set can be a simpler choice.

2. Birdies (Badminton Shuttlecocks) - At least 3 or 4 pieces

Shuttlecocks are not too costly, and having good quality shuttlecocks makes the game much more enjoyable. The badminton set that you are buying, would usually have at least 3 or 4 shuttlecocks for a start. You can always pick up extra ones separately when the earlier shuttles wear off.

If you are looking to buy the badminton set for recreational purposes such as for having casual games on weekends, or for picnics, then you can probably choose the synthetic shuttlecocks which last longer than the more professional feathered ones.

3. Badminton Net and Posts

Badminton sets can be mainly categorized into 2 types. Those sets that come with the nets and posts, and those that come without them.

There are several badminton equipment suppliers both offline and online, who offer only rackets and shuttlecocks for sale, but not the net and poles. This works fine for those people who just want to hit the shuttle to and fro with a partner for exercise or recreation in their backyard, without bothering about having a actual match game. 

However if you would like to play proper badminton matches in which points will be scored, then buying a badminton set with a net, and marking the lines of the court on the ground, becomes quite essential.

Badminton Nets that come with the badminton sets are usually of two types,
  • Nets that can be fixed into the ground using stakes,
  • Nets that wont need fixing and will just stand firmly on the ground on their own base.
The ones with stakes, will usually hold on more firmly to the ground, while the other types need to have quite a heavy base, so that they the net posts dont fall when the wind is blowing or when a players racket accidently touches the net. Also the net should be properly stretched over the net posts and should not sag. This is easier achieved with net posts that are fixed into the ground.

The standard net height as per the regular badminton specifications is that the net should be 5 feet 1 inch high at the edges, and should be 5 feet high at the center.

4. A sturdy and compact storage bag

This is for storing all the equipments that are included in the badminton set, both before and after play. Though this is not essentially a requirement, it can be a great help if you are going to carry the badminton set alongwith you for picnics or anywhere else. In such cases its necessary to choose a set that can be mantled and dismantled easily in the least possible time.

Having a good quality storage bag ensures that your badminton equipment is safe and secure at all times, when not in use.

5. Other accessories

Some other accessories that are sometimes included in the badminton set, include things such as a court-marking kit that helps to easily mark the lines of the badminton court on the ground.

Some suppliers also provide a separate pouch for storing the smaller parts, along-with a larger storage bag for the badminton kit.

Badminton Equipment - Standard Specifications:

It would also be worthwhile knowing the standard specifications of all the badminton equipment that will be part of your new badminton set. Professional badminton players everywhere in the world have to comply to these standards when they are playing in official matches and professional level tournaments.

Badminton Racket:
The total length of the racket should not be more than 680mm.
The width (of the racket head) should not be more than 230 mm.
The racket weight should not exceed more than 100 gms.

Badminton Shuttlecocks:
Type used in standard professional play: Feather Shuttlecock
Number of feathers in the shuttlecock: 16
Weight of the shuttlecock: 14 to 16 feathers
Length of the feathers: 70 mm in length.
Cork diameter: 25 to 28 mm
Diameter of upper periphery defined by the feathers: 54 mm

Badminton Net:
Net height at the ends: 5 feet 1 inch
Net height at the center of the court: 5 feet
Width of the Net: At least 6.1 metres wide.
Depth of the Net: 2 feet 6 inches.
Upper edge: 75 mm white tape lining
Mesh colour: Dark colored net cords
Thickness of the net cords: 15 mm to 20 mm

But why bother with standard specifications?

A valid question. While it is true that for recreational play, it is not necessary to select standard equipment, it is equally important to note that if the badminton set that you are going to purchase is of standard specifications it can also be a big help for those who want to do some serious practice to prepare for badminton competitions.

Also if the badminton set is going to be used by junior players who are learning the ropes of the game, then it is better that they get to play with a standard sized set so that they can develop better judgement skills in the early stage itself. In such as case, getting a professional badminton set that meets the standard specifications will be helpful.

Buying Badminton Set - Considerations: Cost Vs. Quality

You can buy cheap badminton sets for recreational play such as during picnics or during weekends. These sets will usually cost much less than 50 US dollars, will usually be of a lower quality and you cannot hope that they will last very long.
Nevertheless for those who dont intend to ever play professionally, can go for these cheap sets, bearing in mind that they will not last too long, and will have to be disposed soon. 

Some of the common problems you may have to face with the cheaper equipment is that the rackets may break during play, or the shuttles getting stuck in rackets while hitting, the net posts not standing upright or falling down when playing outdoors in slightly windy conditions, the net sagging too much at the center, etc.

The costlier higher-priced badminton sets that are for sale, will usually have better structural stability and the net posts will not fall down easily. The rackets will also be of a better quality, maybe not as good as professional rackets, but still good enough to play with.

Park & Sun BM-PS/ALUM Badminton Pro Set:

While searching for Badminton sets on Amazon, I came across this particular badminton set that is manufactured by Park & Sun who also make good quality volleyball nets.

When I saw the product listing today it also had 51 customer reviews, and most of them very positive. The common point that seemed to be popping up in most of those reviews was that this badminton set is very easy to assemble and dismantle.

When I checked further, I also noticed that what tops the customer reviews is the fact that, this badminton set is also currently ranked at the No.20 position on the best-seller list in the entire racket sports category. While I should clarify that have not bought this set myself, because I have no need of a set currently, you may want to take a look at it, and buy this badminton set from Amazon.

Other Accessories that are worth considering buying alongwith a Badminton Set:

While there are several other things that you can consider buying alongwith the badminton set, such as badminton grips, strings, wrist-bands, sports wear such as badminton shirts, more accessories such as water bottles, first-aid kits and related stuff, the singlemost important thing that I think worth considering is buying a pair of the best quality badminton shoes, that you can get. To buy shoes, simply walk into a good sports store and select good quality branded badminton shoes that fit you best.

Why wear Badminton Shoes?

Badminton shoes are specially designed to be worn by players when playing badminton, and are specifically designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of badminton players, which are not the same as those in other sports.

Badminton players are quite prone to ankle injuries that can happen due to the ankle getting twisted while jumping and running around trying to reach the shuttle. Wearing good quality and well fitting badminton shoes help to minimize this risk, and all professional badminton players make use of this advanced technology that's tailor made for badminton.

This article has turned out to be a bit too long. I hope that it has provided sufficient details that can help you to choose and buy the Badminton Set that will meet your needs.
Thanks for reading.



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