Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog of Aditi Mutatkar - My Life My Way!!!

Aditi Mutatkar
 Aditi Mutatkar is well known as a badminton player. She also loves to write whenever she finds the time. Her blog is

Aditi is an excellent blogger who has a very free flowing style of writing, and writes straight from her heart, so to say. Her blog is aptly titled "My Life, my way!!!"

Here are some of my favorite articles that Aditi Mutatkar has written on her blog.
This was written by her on her blog after she clinched the Senior National Badminton title this year.
This is one of my favorite articles from her blog, where Aditi thinks aloud about what constitutes greatness, and lessons taken from life.

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  1. hi aditi ur pen is as expressive on blog as ur feet on court.I saw ur game today u play phenomenal n den ur write up on blog this is exactly v as bady lover wanna know wat goes on in players mind while playing.gud work keep up d gud show n keep going.u hv a long way to go.ur mental strength n achievements r truelly inspiring.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Poonam. And yes, I too think that Aditi writes really well.

    Have emailed your comment to Aditi.

  3. Full marks to Abhijit Phadke for creating this fab blog on our unsung, hardworking and well deserving badminton players Very pleasing layout and well structured content I went through all of it and have sent it off to friends and lovers of the game Great job Abhijit
    OF course wonderful job Aditi Have commented on your blog too God bless you guys

  4. Glad that you like this blog, Ashwin!
    And thanks for sharing it with your friends.

  5. i m really proud of u addu..u really write as well as u tons of blessings

  6. Dear Aditi,hats off to you..You truly are touching the hearts of people like us with your wonderful blog..!!!

  7. thanks a tonne..i always need your blessings...:)