Monday, January 24, 2011

Swedish consolation for Aditi, Arundhati

The Swedish final results in the women's singles are out, and it is important to note these Swedish Open final results in the context of Aditi & Arundhati's loss in the first round of the tournament.

Both the Japanese players who defeated Arundhati Pantawane & Aditi Mutatkar, reached the finals of the event, with Aditi's victor Kaori finally taking away the Swedish Open Gold medal, and Arundhati's victor Mayu Sekiya going home with the Silver medal. So, some consolation for the Indian girls. At least they did not go down to unworthy opponents.

Kaori's run-up to the finals
Kaori Imabeppu [JPN]   - [IND]  Aditi Mutatkar  21-19 22-20
Kaori Imabeppu [JPN]   - [FRA]  Sashina Vignes Waran [7]  21-18 21-18
Kaori Imabeppu [JPN]   - [ESP]  Carolina Marin  19-21 21-16 21-8
Kaori Imabeppu [JPN]   - [JPN]  Minatsu Mitani  21-14 12-21 21-16

Mayu's run-up to the finals
Mayu Sekiya [JPN]   - [IND]  Arundhati Pantawane  21-7 22-20
Mayu Sekiya [JPN]   - [NED]  Judith Meulendijks [1]  14-21 21-19 21-16
Mayu Sekiya [JPN]   - [SCO]  Susan Egelstaff [3]  21-6 21-15
Mayu Sekiya [JPN]   - [EST]  Karoliine Hoim  21-11 24-22

Kaori Imabeppu [JPN]  - [JPN]  Mayu Sekiya  13-21 22-20 21-16


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