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The Best Badminton players in India


Badminton in India is currently going great guns. I would say that it has in fact now scaled such heights that were scaled never before. Of  course we had had some great players earlier like Prakash Padukone & Pullela Gopichand, but it is only in recent times that the game is receiving a large number of followers, and much thanks for this must go to the tremendously talented Saina Nehwal.

This blog is my Badminton book, and I am opening this book now for all badminton lovers in India.

Here's a list of some of the best badminton players in India in the current times. I have ordered the players according to their current ranking, though the Badminton Association of India may be using different methodologies to define the ranking within India.

These World Rankings are as on Date: 17/Oct/2011

The Top 10 Best Womens Singles Players in India alongwith their current World Ranking are listed below. (Click on the player names to view player profiles)

1. Saina Nehwal -          World Ranking No.4
2. Arundhati Pantawane - World Ranking No.72
3. Sindhu P.V. -             World Ranking No. 76
4. Aditi Mutatkar -         World Ranking No.81
5. Thulasi P.C. -             World Ranking No.96
6. Sayali Gokhale -         World Ranking No.128
7. Mohita Sahdev -       World Ranking No. 172
8. Dhanya Nair -            World Ranking No. 173
9. Neha Pandit -             World Ranking No. 174
10. Trupti Murgunde -      World Ranking No.183

These top 10 best players are followed by Tanvi Lad (184), Sarada Jasti (228), Sanyogita Ghorpade (239), Mudra Dahinje (244), Anita Ohlan (249), Gayatri Vartak (290), Saili Rane(302), Sampada Sahasrabuddhe(330), and Jacqueline Rose Kunnath (384)

Amongst the Indian girls, P.V. Sindhu and Arundhati Pantawane have been the most notable performance in the past few months who have moved fast and quick to see themselves placed in the top 100 of the world.

The Best Men's Singles Indian players are listed below. (As many as 4 Indian players currently rank in the Worlds Top 50 badminton players!!!)

1. P Kashyap (World Ranking 22)
2. Ajay Jayaram (28)
3. Anand Pawar (50)
4. Chetan Anand (54)
5. GuruSai Dutt R.M.V.(56)
6. Arvind Bhat (64)
7. Anup Shridhar (81)
8. Sourabh Verma (91)
9. Aditya Elango Abdul Raheem (94)
10. Sai Praneeth B. (130),

These players are followed in rankings by H.S.Prannoy (169),  Aditya Prakash (204), Sagar Chopda (239), Nandagopal K (254), Rohan Castelino (335), Oscar Bansal (353), Gauranshu Chopra (393), Ajit Wijetilak (408), Tanveer Gill (413), Nagendra T (413), Vikram Saini (413), Prakash Jolly (421), Nigel D'sa (447),  Ajay Kumar (474), Eshan Naqvi (508).

Sourabh Verma and Sai Praneeth have performed well in recent months and this is reflected in their improved rankings.

The Best Indian Womens Doubles Pairs are listed below:

1. Jwala Gutta & Ashwini Ponnappa (World Ranking of this pair: 16)
2. Aparna Balan & Prajakta Sawant (114)
3. Jyotshna Polavarapu & Pradnya Gadre (142)
4. Sanyogita Ghorpade & Saili Rane (147)
5. Dhanya Nair & Mohita Sahdev (150)
6. Pradnya Gadre & Prajakta Sawant (164)
7. Nitya Sosale & Shruti Kurien (166)
7. Meenakshi Nair & Mohita Sahdev (180)

The pair of Aparna Balan & Prajakta Sawant have performed well in the recent months, however they are still a bit away from reaching into the top 100 pairs of the world.

The Best Indian Mens Doubles Pairs are listed below:

1. Rupesh Kumar & Sanave Thomas (World Ranking of this pair is 29)
2. Jishnu Sanyal & Attri Manu (75)
3. Akshay Dewalkar & Arun Vishnu (84)
4. Pranav Chopra & Tarun Kona (91)
5. Krishna S.D.S & Vineeth Manuel (166)
6. Alwin Francis & Bennet Anthony (182)
7. Jagadish Yadav & Shanmughasund Sanjeeth (198)
8. Tarun Kona & Arun Vishnu (215)
9. Venkat Gaurav & Manish Gupta (229)
10. Ravinder Singh & Utsav Mishra (235)

Amongst the Indian men's doubles pairs, Jishnu Sanyal & Attri Manu have performed very well in recent months and moved into the top 100 of the world.

And the Best Mixed Doubles pairs of India are:

1. Jwala Gutta & V.Diju (World Ranking of this pair is 30)
2. Aparna Balan & Arun Vishnu (52)
4. Prajakta Sawant & Pranav Chopra (80)
5. Pradnya Gadre & Akshay Dewalkar (105)
3. Ashwini Ponappa & Tarun Kona (159)
6. Juhi Dewangan & Venkat Gurav (228)

Indians are doing quite good in Badminton at International levels. Also a lot of newcomers are taking a keen interest in learning this beautiful sport.

All in all, the future of Badminton in India looks v.good!

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