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Arundhati Pantawane - Ranking

Arundhati Pantawane - Current World Ranking: 169 (Ranking as on 14-Jun-2011)

Arundhati Pantawane
Arundhati Pantawane, India's fastest rising badminton player in the women's singles, has climbed into the top 200 bracket as per the latest world badminton rankings released by the Badminton World Federation.

Arundhati was unranked at the start of the year 2011, but has made rapid strides in the upward direction in the world rankings this year. In just 3 months she has made it to the top 200 bracket, and her recent performances indicate that she will get into the top 50 soon.

Arundhati, who currently plays on the professional club badminton circuit for the Taby Club at Stockholm in Sweden, started the year 2011 with a bang at the Rohtak National Badminton championships where she stunned onlookers by reaching the finals of the tournament defeating several favorite players in the process. Though in the final match she lost to Aditi Mutatkar in a very close contest, the tournament proved that Arundhati had arrived on the badminton scene and there would be no stopping her now.

Immediately after the Rohtak Nationals, Arundhati played the Estonian Open where she started as a qualifier, and not only won the qualifying matches, but went on to reach the finals of the event, and won a Silver medal at the tournament. This performance gave her a solid 2500 ranking points that enabled her to enter the world rankings charts.

Arundhati then followed up this fine performance at the Estonian Open by winning the National Games Gold Medal, at Ranchi in India, was ranked No.1 for a while in the Indian rankings, and is stamping a permanent mark on the Indian badminton scene.

At the Swiss Open, Arundhati won all her qualifying rounds, but lost in the first round of the main draw to an opponent who eventually claimed the silver medal at the event.

Then came Arundhati's fabulous performance at the Polish Open-2011, where Arundhati started again as a qualifier and went on to reach the semi-finals of the event, defeating a world no.35 ranking player in the process. She eventually lost to Larisa Griga (ranked no.34) of Ukraine in the semi-finals, however this fantastic performance fetched her a neat 2800 ranking points, that elevated her from being no.267 to no.196 in the world rankings.

And very recently, in a club match on the professional club circuit, Arundhati playing for the Taby club, defeated Larisa Griga to earn sweet revenge for her loss in the Polish Open.

Have any doubts about how far this girl can reach.
'Just Wait and Watch!'

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