Monday, April 18, 2011

Badminton Quiz - Questions and Answers

Badminton Quiz #1

This is a interesting and fun badminton quiz to test your basic knowledge of badminton, and your general knowledge of the recent happenings in the badminton world.
You can play this quiz and test the knowledge of your family and friends also. Happy Quizzing!

Answers to the quiz questions are given at the end of the article.

#1: What is the standard height of a badminton net at the center of the court?
A: 4 feet 6 inches
B. 5 feet
C. 5 feet 6 inches

#2: How many feathers are there in a standard feathered badminton shuttlecock?
A. 12 feathers
B. 16 feathers
C. 20 feathers

#3: What is the width of a badminton court for Singles play?
A. 17 feet
B. 18 feet 6 inches
C. 20 feet

#4: When was badminton introduced as a Medal Sport in the Olympics?
A. 1992 Barcelona Olympics
B. 1996 Atlanta Olympics
C. 2000 Sydney Olympics

#5: Like the Thomas Cup championship which is only for men, there is a badminton championship trophy that is only for women. Which is it?
A. Sudirman Cup
B. Uber Cup
C. All England Open

#6: If a shuttlecock is hit on the line by a badminton player, is it considered to have fallen IN or OUT?

#7: If a badminton player touches the net while playing is it considered a FAULT?
A. Yes, Its a fault
B. No, it is not a fault.

#8: Which of these badminton tournaments is a higher level tournament? the Grand Prix Gold or Super Series?
A. Grand Prix Gold
B. Super Series

#9: When was mixed doubles introduced as a medal sport at the Olympics?
A. 1992 Barcelona Olympics
B. 1996 Atlanta Olympics
C. 2000 Sydney Olympics

#10: Badminton World rankings are calculated and released by BWF at what frequency?
A. Once in every year
B. Once in every month.
C. Once in every week.

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The answers to the badminton quiz questions are as below:

#1:    B. 5 feet

#2:    B. 16 feathers

#3:    A. 17 feet (this is for singles play, and for doubles the width is 20 feet)

#4:    A. 1992 Barcelona Olympics

#5:    B. Uber Cup

#6:    A. IN (On the line is considered to be inside)

#7:    A. Yes, its a fault.

#8:    B. The Super Series is a higher level tournament.

#9:    B. Mixed doubles was introduced from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics onwards.

#10:  C. Once in every week (on every Thursday)

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