Monday, April 18, 2011

Badminton Net Specifications

While buying a badminton net, having a look at the specifications of the net will help to confirm whether the net is built as per the standards that are specified by the BWF, the governing body for world badminton.

The specifications of a standard badminton net are as below:

Badminton Net Specifications
How tall is the Badminton Net?
Height of the net at the center of the badminton court
5 feet (1.524 metres)
Height of the net at the extreme ends of the court (over the sidelines for doubles)
5 feet 1 inch (1.55 metres)

Badminton Net and Posts - Size/Dimensions/Measurements
Depth of the badminton net
2 feet 6 inches (760 mm in depth)
Length/Width of the badminton net
At least 6.1 metres wide so that it extends over the entire court completely.
Badminton net thickness of mesh/net
15 mm to 20 mm (should be uniform throughout)
Colour of the cords (mesh) of the net
Dark colour
Upper Edge/Lining of the net
75 mm white tape

Badminton Posts (Poles) Height
Should stand at 1.55 metres in vertical length when the net is stretched over the posts (poles)


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