Monday, April 25, 2011

Badminton in Thane

The city of Thane holds a special place of repute in the field of badminton in India. Several talented National level players such as top doubles players Akshay Dewalkar and Jishnu Sanyal, and many other upcoming players all hail from this city.

The TMC's (Thane Muncipal Corporation) Syed Modi Badminton academy located in the city of Thane, is one of the most happening places for badminton in the district.

If Pune is considered the best place for badminton in the state of Maharashtra in India, the city of Thane is not too far off either.

Some of the reputed badminton players from Thane:
Akshay Dewalkar
Jishnu Sanyal
Saili Rane
Subhankar Dey
Jui Agaskar
Eshan Naqvi

Some of the reputed badminton coaches from Thane are:
Shrikant Vad
Mayur Ghatnekar

The Thane City and District badminton association, was formed in 1987, works for the development of the sport of badminton in Thane area. The association helps to conduct various badminton tournaments at the Thane District, Maharashtra State and National levels, as also helps to conduct coaching camps to train budding badminton players in Thane.

Several Badminton Clubs and Academy from the district of Thane, such as the NAVI MUMBAI SPORTS ASSOCIATION, THANE GYMKHANA, THANE, DOMBIVLI GYMKHANA, which are affiliated with the Thane district badminton association have helped to coduct badminton tournaments and provide coaching so as to bring fresh talent in the sport of badminton from this district.


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