Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Badminton quotes

Badminton quotes from famous personalities, as they said it...

Quote 1:
"Badminton is like ballet dancing. It requires a lot of control, strength, mind play and measured movement"
- Bollywood filmstar Aamir Khan, who also plays good badminton.

Quote 2:
"Badminton is a great way to de-stress and chill out after a hard day's work"
- Bollywood filmstar Aamir Khan, who is also good at badminton.

Quote 3:
"When I am playing badminton there are only two people in the world, myself and my opponent".
-Erland Kops, former badminton champion from Denmark

Quote 4:
"I was mesmerized. Until then my game was mostly defensive but after I saw him play, I became more of an attacking player"
-Prakash Padukone talking about Indonesian badminton legend Rudy Hartono.

Quote 5:
"I would say that it is the explosiveness that I possess in my game. Like a crouching tiger waiting to pounce on it preys".
-World No.1 Lee Chong Wei on being asked about what his badminton strength.

Quote 6:
"And I thought this time: 'no more leading and losing--just win the game--that's it".
-Badminton star Saina Nehwal in an interview after winning her first international title, the Phillipines Open, (after having missed out on several chances the previous year).

Quote 7:
"A champion has to be disciplined by practicing regularly in the right manner, respect coaches and most importantly ought to have self-belief".
-Badminton queen Saina Nehwal on being asked 'What makes a champion?'

If you have come across any other memorable, quotable, interesting, inspiring, or funny, humorous quotes or sayings that are related to badminton or said by badminton champions, pls. feel free to share it in the comments section. Thanks for reading this article.



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  4. Gold medals aren't really made up of gold but they are made up of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called guts.

  5. "If your opponant cheats, its not because they want to win, its because they think your better than them."