Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Badminton for Health

Badminton is known to be one of the best ways to remain fit and in good health. The health benefits offered by badminton are enormous.

Physical Health benefits of badminton
Badminton is a fast paced racket sport that involves aerobic activity such as jumping, running, and stretching to reach for the shuttle. While these aerobic exercises can also be done separately, playing a game of badminton with friends does sound like a much more fun way to do it.

Mental health benefits of badminton
Badminton is also known as physical chess, since it requires players to anticipate their opponents next moves and think and plan their shots in advance accordingly. Badminton helps to develop agility of both the mind and the body, and helps improve physical as well as intellectual skills.

Emotional Health benefits of badminton
Since badminton is a social sport, its a chance to make new friends, meet new people, to become more active socially and to lead a happier healthier life.


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