Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saina Nehwal Racket

Ever wondered which racket Saina Nehwal plays with?
The racket used by Saina Nehwal is manufactured by Yonex and is of the Arcsaber series. Saina plays with her ARCSABER 7 racket.

Yonex, is one of the leading producer of badminton rackets (racquet) is the official supplier of badminton equipment for the Indian badminton players. They manufacture a variety of badminton rackets that vary in weight, grip size, and material used.

Saina Nehwal prefers to play with the ArcSaber 7 racket, and most of the other Indian badminton players also use the Yonex-ARCSABER series of rackets, such as the ArcSaber Z-slash, ArcSaber 008, ArcSaber-9, ArcSaber 10.

ARCSABER racquets are said to store up energy during the shot, allowing the badminton player to attack with pinpoint accuracy, and is ideal for players seeking a higher level of control.

ARCSABER -7 details

Flex: Medium
Composition (Frame): H.M. Graphite, CS CARBON NANOTUBE

Composition (Shaft): H.M. Graphite

Weight / Grip Size:

3U (85.0-89.9 g) / G4, 5
2U (90.0-94.9 g) / G3, 4, 5

Colour: Yellow


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