Monday, April 18, 2011

Badminton Skirts Rule

As per the new ruling of the Badminton World Federation, female badminton players will have to wear skirts effective 1-May-2011. This means that the India Open Super Series will be the last event where they can play in shorts.

This badminton skirts ruling was announced by BWF back in 2009, with the purpose of improving the sports profile among general viewers and sponsors.

This forced ruling of having to wear skirts must undoubtedly be causing unease to some of the Indian female badminton players, because many of them come from conservative Indian families, and because if they dont feel comfortable on court they cannot give their best performance in the match.

It needs to be noted that badminton unlike tennis, is a more fast paced sport that requires players to stretch and jump a lot more, and hence the convenience factor is quite important, and skirts may not perhaps be the correct choice of comfortable sportswear.

As a general intention trying to improve the image of badminton, and promote it further to the masses by making it appealing is quite necessary, however whether making female players compulsarily wear skirts, is the correct way to go about it is very debatable.

Other options could have been, to leave the choice of skirts/shorts upto the players, and maybe to work with some reputed designers to see how to add more fashion and style to the existing sports clothing, that badminton players wear.


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