Sunday, April 24, 2011

Badminton Fun

Badminton is fun.
Read about what happened yesterday.

After a game of badminton, one of my good friend decided to act funny yesterday, and said "Now I am ready to take on Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan or Taufik or Peter or anyone who dares, to a badminton match", and he was like "I challenge them to win against me!".

Pin-drop silence. Then our group burst into laughter. This was hilarious. People can really act funny sometimes, and 'Badminton fun' is no different.
"You think i am acting funny? You think I am joking? I KNOW I can win" his claims continued.

People asked him "and how dear Sir, do you think you will be able to beat these badminton world champions? Will you pls. keep that shuttlecock aside, and enlighten us mere mortals, by telling about your extraordinary action plan?!"

"Hmm...I will win" said he "Because I have devised some clever strategies so that the game can be played on an equal footing". "Only some slight changes to badminton rules need to be done, and that's it. And these changes will also ensure a more attractive presentation of the game which will be more appealing to the spectators and the sponsors." He claimed :)

The changes he suggested to standard badminton rules for these challenge matches were this.

Both players have to play with special curved rackets that are bent at the neck by an angle of 90 degrees, either towards the left or right, "and if not 90 degrees" he said "the rackets should at least be curved enough to look like the number "9"."
"This is going to be a major innovation in the world of badminton and it will allow for excellent around the head smashes to be hit". isn't it, he continued.

The second change he insisted on was that since he had developed an allergy to goose and duck feathers, the match would have to be played with 'Peocock' feathered shuttlecocks.
"Forget about badminton skirts" he said. These new "peocock shuttles" will make the game of badminton look beautiful and add a lot more fun and colour to the game" he said.

Since peocock shuttles would be a very costly affair and though the shuttles would look beautiful but would not be as strong and long-lasting, hence hitting a smash too hard would have to be considered as a FAULT.

The last change he insisted, was that the badminton court size would have to be reduced by half, not because he was afraid that he would be beaten by the champs, but only because the peocock feathered shuttlecock would have a higher drag when flying through the air, and would not fly as fast or as long. "Hence half the court size is the ideal one!"

Needless to say, we were stunned, on hearing his witty master plan for winning at badminton against the world champions! Badminton can be fun sometimes!

And some people can have fun at anything!


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