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Origin of badminton

A study of the origin of badminton takes us back more than 2000 years in time to ancient China, where a game was played at that time called 'Ti Jian Zi' which involved kicking feathered shuttlecocks to and fro without using rackets.

Though debatable, the modern game of badminton may have its roots in this age-old game of 'Ti Jian Zi' and it may have been the origin of badminton.

The history of modern times traces the origins of badminton to the 'Poona game', which was a game that was invented and played by some British officers in the 1860s when they were stationed at the city of 'Poona' in India. (The city is now known as Pune). These officers added a net to the traditional British game of Battledore and shuttlecock.In mainland Europe Battledore was known by its French name 'jeu de volant'.

Likewise the history of modern badminton may also have it roots in the game of 'ball badminton' which is a native sport of India that was played as early as in 1856 by the royal family in Tanjore in Tamil Nadu in India. The game involves hitting a yellow ball of wool with rackets on a court divided by a net.

Badminton got its name from the 'The Badminton house' in Gloucestershire County of England, which was the home of the Duke of Bueufort who helped to popularize the game. British officers who had returned to the county played a game of 'Poona' at the 'Badminton house' and it soon became a favorite of the British elite class.

Afterwards it spread to Europe and United States, formal rules were drafted, international competitions were started and badminton reached its modern form.

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  1. Yes indeed it is still highly debated on whether badminton originated from india or china, but oh well history is history!

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