Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lin Dan - Racket

Ever wondered which racket Lin Dan plays with? Which racket does he use?

The racket used by Lin Dan (nickname: Super Dan) is manufactured by racket manufacturers Li Ning and was tailor made for him. The racket was also named after him, and is called the Li Ning Lin Dan Woods N90 Badminton Racket.

Li Ning, is one of the major producers of badminton rackets (racquet) is the official supplier of badminton equipment for the Chinese badminton players. They manufacture a variety of badminton rackets that vary in weight, grip size, and material used.

While Lin Dan prefers to play with his Woods N90 racket which is suited for his aggressive style of play, Li Ning also has several other racket models available such as the Fu Hai Feng, Cai Yun, Chen Jin, Bao Chunlai professional series racquets and many others.

Li Ning Lin Dan Woods N90 badminton racket - specifications

Flex : Stiff
Balance : Head Heavy
Colour: Red/ Yellow
Head: Isometric
Shaft: Carbon Graphite, HB Shaft
Cover: Li-Ning Bag (Holds up to 3 rackets)
Weight: 84-89gm (3U-)


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  1. It's a costly racket :) omG :) He's a master piece of jump smashes :) I'd like to play with a Li-Ning racket. Yeah . . . And i have one ;) Super series 98. It's cool :)