Sunday, April 24, 2011

Badminton in Asia

Badminton in Asia is a very popular game and especially in the countries of the Asian subcontinent such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Many of the world's best badminton players today, are of Asian origin.

Best Badminton Players from Asia
Badminton in Asia and the world is mostly dominated by players from China who are a major force to reckon with in the world of badminton. Other countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, Thailand and India also have some very good players.

The Top 5 men's singles badminton players in the world (as on today) are all from Asia:
1. Chong Wei LEE - Malaysia
2. Taufik HIDAYAT - Indonesia
3. Dan LIN - China
4. Long CHEN - China
5. Boonsak PONSANA - Thailand

The Top 5 women's singles badminton players in the world (as on today) also hail from the Asian continent. Out of the 5, 4 positions are taken by Chinese players, and No.4 is Saina Nehwal from India.
1. Shixian WANG - China
2. Yihan Wang - China
3. Xin Wang - China
4. Saina NEHWAL - India
5. Xin(1) - China

In the Top 5 men's doubles pairs, of the world (as on today) 4 positions are taken by players from Asian countries, whereas the top position is currently taken by Boe/Mogensen of Denmark
1. Mathias BOE/Carsten MOGENSEN   - Denmark
2. Jae Sung JUNG/Yong Dae LEE - Korea
3. Kien Keat KOO/Boon Heong TAN - Malaysia
4. Yun CAI/Haifeng FU - China
5. Sung Hyun KO/Yeon Seong YOO - Korea
The Top 5 women's doubles pairs of the world (as on today), all hail from Asia, with Chinese Taipei leading the list.
1. Wen Hsing CHENG/Yu Chin CHIEN - Chinese Taipei
2. Xiaoli WANG/Yang (F) YU - China 
3. Maeda Miyuki/Satoko SUETSUNA - Japan
4. Mizuki FUJII/Reika KAKIIWA - Japan
5. Duang Anong AROONKESORN/Kunchala VORAVICHITCHAIKUL - Thailand

Badminton Top 5 mixed doubles pairs in the world. (3 are from Asia, Denmark and Poland have 1 pair each in the top 5)
1. Nan ZHANG/Yunlei Zhao - China
2. Sudket PRAPAKAMOL/Saralee THOUNGTHONGKAM - Thailand
3. Joachim Fischer NIELSEN/Christinna PEDERSEN - Denmark
4. Robert MATEUSIAK/Nadiezda ZIEBA - Poland
5. Sung Hyun KO/Jung Eun HA - Korea
All the world rankings mentioned above are as on 24-Apr-2011, on the basis of rankings that are published by BWF every week.

The game of badminton in Asia is governed by the Badminton Asia Confederation which is affiliated to the Badminton World Federation.


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