Saturday, April 16, 2011

Badminton in Pune

Pune is the city where Badminton is believed to have originated. Hence it comes as no surprise that some of the best badminton players of India are from the city of Pune, and that the city still has a healthy badminton culture compared to some other Indian cities.

It is said that in the mid 18th century British officers stationed at Kirkee near Pune (now known as Khadki) used to play badminton (at that time the game was not called 'badminton', it was simply known as the 'Poona' game. Calling each other to play a game of 'Poona' simply meant having some fun playing badminton'.

Later these British officers went back from Pune to Gloucestershire County in England, and further developments to the game were made. It is said that the Duke of Beaufort from the town of Badminton helped to promote & spread the game in the European countries and thus the sport came to be known as 'Badminton'.

Some prominent Pune city badminton players in the current times who have made their mark in National & International badminton are:

1. Aditi Mutatkar (Reigning National badminton champion - women's singles)
2. Sayali Gokhale (Former National badminton champion)
3. Trupti Murgunde (Former national badminton champion, who originally hails from Pune)
4. Neha Pandit (One of the top 10 women's singles players in India)

Most famous place for Badminton in Pune:
PDMBA Sports Complex -
The P.E. Society's Modern PDMBA (Pune District Metropolitan Badminton Association) Sports complex is the most known place for playing badminton in Pune. Major tournaments are conducted at this venue. This complex was earlier known as the WIE sports complex.
Most recently the Sushant Chipalkatti Memorial International Junior badminton tournament was held at this place in Pune.

Badminton classes/coaching in Pune:
Pune has several eminent badminton coaches such as Mr. Hemant Hardikar, who has been coaching Aditi Mutatkar since a long time and has been instrumental in her success. The most famous destination in Pune for learning badminton is the Prakash Padukone badminton academy (head center located at Bangalore, and feeder center in Pune)

Additionally there are several badminton courts in and around the city of Pune, where badminton players can practice and learn and improve their game. Will be writing about this soon...

MBL (Maharashtra Badminton League) starts at Pune on 7th May
The MBL league badminton is scheduled to start at the PDMBA complex from 7th May. After the first weekend matches are played on 7th-8th the next weekend matches will be held at Navi Mumbai, and then the third week-end matches are going to be conducted at Pune again.
The MBL badminton league is being played for the first time this year, and the best badminton players of Maharashtra will be seen in action when the league starts at Pune on 7th May.



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