Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deepika Padukone - badminton

Deepika Padukone's father Prakash Padukone was one of the best badminton players of the world in his heydey. It was he who initiated Deepika into badminton at a very early age.

Deepika Padukone attended Sophia High School in Bangalore. While she was in high school she played badminton at the state level.

In her weekly article columns that she used to write for HT City in 2009 (supplement of Hindustan Times), Deepika once wrote about her early school life when she practiced and played badminton, and the dedication and hard work it required.

Her daily badminton training routine at that time involved getting up at 5 am in the morning, and starting with physical training sessions - cardio, weight training, sprinting, hurdles, stretching, and breathing techniques and yoga on few of the days. She used to return at 7.30, get ready and reach school by 8.30 am.

After school was over, Deepika headed over to her father's Prakash Padukone badminton academy courts to play. Her on-court badminton sessions would also be intense on most of the days. The badminton training sessions started with a light warm-up that was followed by playing matches and badminton drills to improve skills, technique, and speed, and then finally ended with stretching and cooling down. The young Deepika then would return home by 7 pm, finish her school homework, have dinner and call it a day.

However, she was not keen on pursuing a career as a badminton player, and turned to modelling and then to acting in films.

Deepika Padukone's badminton appearances:

Soha Ali Khan and Deepika playing badminton:
Deepika made an appearance on 31-Jul-2008, at the inaugural Tata Open badminton tournament at Bombay Gymkhana in Mumbai, for an exhibition match, alongwith another Bollywood film actress Soha Ali Khan. Deepika teamed up with her father Prakash Padukone while Soha Ali Khan partnered with badminton champion Aparna Popat.

Deepika Padukone and Aamir Khan playing badminton:
In 2009, Deepika turned up again for an exhibition match at the (Cricket Club of India) CCI badminton courts in Mumbai. She played a doubles match teaming up with her father Prakash Padukone while on the other side of the net were Bollywood star Aamir Khan and former badminton player Aparna Popat. The exhibition match was played before the final of the Tata Open Badminton Tournament.


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