Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shuttle Badminton

Shuttle badminton is a racket sport played in which a feather shuttlecock (called shuttle) is hit by players back and forth to each other. It is an indoor sport played on a court divided by a net. Players take their place on either side of the court and the objective is to hit the shuttlecock to the opponents court such that the opponent cannot hit it back successfully.

The term "Shuttle badminton" refers to the game of "Badminton" and it is an Olympic sport. The game is often referred to by this name, especially in southern parts of India, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to be specific. The reason behind this is that there is another similar sport popular in that part of the country which is called "Ball badminton" and it is played with yellow woolen balls hit with rackets. So the racket game that is played with a shuttle instead of with a ball is sometimes called as 'Shuttle badminton' so as to avoid confusion.

This blog covers almost everything you would like to know about the sport. Its rules, court measurements, playing tips, and about the best players in the country.

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